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 Lady Katherine Aethelwulf

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PostSubject: Lady Katherine Aethelwulf   Tue Jun 15, 2010 1:36 pm

Robert Mortimer, a brother of Edward Mortimer the Welsh Marcher and 4th Earl of March, was my father born on the wrong side of the blanket, who became a feared knight. Even though a bastard, he was esteemed by his peers for his fighting prowess and a friend of the king. He married Katerina of Dragonwold for the rich lands she could bring as her dower, the demesne of Dragonwold, located in Shropshire and close to his brother. He sired 3 children on her, before she died in childbirth. Katherine was the eldest, then 2 boys, Bowen and Cecil the youngest. Katherine was 9 years of age when her mother died. She took over the reins of the keep, becoming the Chatelaine. At 13 her father betrothed her to a neighbor’s son, Robert of Havenhurst, who was on crusade. This was an advantage marriage arrangement for Robert, since Mortland was entailed to the oldest child, regardless of sex, which meant that it belonged to Katherine and would go to her husband upon her marriage. As part of the marriage agreement, Havenhurst had agreed to allow Robert to keep the property until his death. Cecil grows up to be a petty, pouting and sly young man who, in a fit of jealous rage, kills his brother Bowen, the heir to Dragonwold, now known as Mortland Keep. This vile deed causes Robert to fall into a fit, which leaves him paralyzed. Cecil, freed from his father’s wrath, takes over the running of the keep. When this vile deed takes place Katherine is 19 years of age and still awaiting the return of her betrothed. Her father had not broken the betrothal since he was content with having her run his household and did not have to hand over her engagement gifts until the marriage. Daniel Aethelwulf had been fostered to Sir Robert at age 5. He and Cecil are within a few months of each other in age, but have never been friends. Daniel had been a favorite of Robert’s who applauded his strength, brains, integrity and honor, which Cecil, wrapped up in jealous paranoia, sees as a threat to himself. News from the Holy Land finally arrives stating that Robert of Havenhurst has died. Katherine turns to Cecil to arrange another marriage for her, for she wishes to have her own keep and to get away from the wild gatherings put on by her brother, who abuses her at every turn. However, due to the entailment on the property, he refuses to do so, since he would lose the property and its income. Besides, he also has a free slave to run his household from dawn to dusk. Although much younger than Katherine, Daniel has much respect and admiration for Katherine. Robert had been about to knight Daniel before his stroke, but Cecil refuses to honor his father’s word to the boy, and hostile words are spoken. Katherine attempts to intervene on Daniel’s behalf, causing Cecil to lose his temper, takes a whip to her and throws her in the keep dungeon. Daniel, learning of this deed, immediately sets out and rescues her, fleeing from the keep. Being an honorable young man he asks her to marry him and they flee to Gretna Green in Scotland, where they marry and consummate the marriage. When they return to Daniel’s home they find that Cecil has gone to the king and requested an annulment. The king agrees, probably based on the amount of money given him, and Katherine is returned to Cecil’s care. However, it is soon discovered that Katherine is with child (Alexander). Daniel, who was knighted by the king as a sop for losing Katherine, learns of her condition and gathers his father’s retainers, storms Mortland, demand his wife’s return. Cecil refuses and Daniel lays siege to the keep. When the king learns of this he send his own men who capture Daniel and, as forfeit for fighting Cecil, imprisons him and confiscates the Aethelwulf lands. Katherine secretly sends Daniel a message, begging him to desist from further rescue attempts, since Cecil has threatened to kill their baby. When he is eventually released he goes on to become a famous tourney fighter, winning enough money to bribe the king into returning his lands. He outlives 3 wives, each who give him a son. Cecil, who like his father, eats, drinks and whores to excess, falls into a great rage, suffers a fit and dies when Alexander is 7 years old. Since Daniel is already married, Katherine sends Alexander to him to be trained as a knight, while she remains at Mortland until the demise of Daniel, at which time she becomes the Dred Mother and moves in with her son, who is now the leader of the Horsemen of Judgment Keep.
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Lady Katherine Aethelwulf
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