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 Stupid people pt. 2

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Stupid people pt. 2 Empty
PostSubject: Stupid people pt. 2   Stupid people pt. 2 EmptyMon Jun 28, 2010 2:13 pm

Picture this...

One of my security officers is arrested while on duty for stealing from my client. Not only was he arrested for stealing, but was "planning" a take over robbery. This officer was terminated and had the audacity to try and get unemployment stating the reason he was fired was because, "They didn't need me anymore". Not only did he try and get unemployment but he also demanded that we pay him for the 1 hour the police were interrogating him. We went to the labor commision on this and LOST. This fucking criminal got $1000 for a $9.50 mistake. Which leads me to my next statement.....the gene pool needs to be cleaned and fast!

First, what kind of scum would have the balls to even pursue this type of claim. Second, why the hell do our laws protect mororns like this.

I am going to start my own lawsuits...Hustler, for giving me Carpel Tunnel, Strippers for Lap dancing and squashing my balls, bar tenders for making me drunk, the girl that said "No!" for blue balls, my wifes Gynecologists for touching her private parts, the Sun for giving me cancer...eventually, Rain for getting me wet, toilet companies for not being more comfortable for me to vomit in, Axe Deodorant Body Spray for not working like the commercial says it will, Ice Cream for giving me a bad head ache, McDonalds for making my ass to big, Budweiser for making ugly women pretty, and Alcoholics Anonymous for making ugly women ugly again.

I mean really...what the hell is the world coming to. I am gonna start my own internet state. We will call it The Blend. It will be all the smart people in the world from every creed and culture who are willing to band together to fight stupidity.

JOIN ME.....

Warlord Jayde
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Stupid people pt. 2
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