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 Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

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Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus Empty
PostSubject: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus   Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus EmptyMon Jun 28, 2010 2:11 pm

Like most men who have read Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, you understand half the book and the other half just really pisses you off. In trurth although there are some excellent insights in the book, it still really doesn't tell you when to use them...and here in lies the problem.

Tim Allen made a career out of saying, "men are pigs". I don't agree. Men are monkies. Different kinds of monkies, but monkies none the less. I am sure many of the women who read this have already come to this conclusion by watching the behavior of men in their lives. Ever seen a man pull the "chimp" move when the TV remote batteries die. Rather than get his lazy ass up and change it by hand, he will spend 25 minutes pushing the back of the battery panel in hopes that this will some how give him just enough juice to change the channel. How about the gorilla...when he can't find something and the world seems to be against him, he will stomp all over the house waving his arms in the air making a lot of noise. It is just our nature. But monkies can learn simple tasks!

Despite our primative nature for some unknown reason we have an inate ability to take care of a cars. Now, obviously it was a man who build the first car and perhaps that has something to do with it. And obviously Idiot Lights on a car were designed by men, because women don't understand them. As my wife proved to me when a piston shoot through the hood of her car and I when asked if the engine light came on, her response was, "Well yeah, but I thought that was just a suggestion to check the engine". If it is simple enough, like...CHECK ENGINE...we can do that.

So today it came to me. Mecho-Bio-Fashion. If smart men and women come together and designed Mecho-Bio-Fashion we can have great looking clothers for women that will monitor emotions, biological levels and have idiot lights for men.

Picture it....

At 2:30AM in the morning two men are standing in line at Albertsons Grocery Store. The conversation goes like this:

Man 1: "I see you got Ice Cream"

Man 2: "Yep, I got a 1970 33DD classic at home and thank god I checked under the covers tonight. Her ice cream level was way fucking low. I mean I could see she was a running a bit rough, if I hadn't of check, she could have blown a gasket or somthing."

Man 1: "Wow, yeah. That was lucky. I got a 1980 34B hardbody myself. The damn hug light kept going off and I couldn't figure it out at first. Finally I sent her in for a full tune up. The works."

Man 2: "Nails, hair, feet and face?"

Man 1: "Yep massage and bubble bath too."

Man 2: "Damn that must have cost a pretty penny."

Man 1: "Yeah, but shes worth it. I want to make sure this baby keeps running smooth. Thats why I am here tonight, he needy light was on, so I am picking her up some flower and plan on topping off her chocolate levels."

Once a man has simple enough instructions, not only will he do what he should, but he will also take some pride in it! It will solve so many of the problems that women complain about.

No longer will men look for younger women.

"Yeah, you may have 87 slimmy, but when was the last time you say a 1968 40Ccup in such good shape. They don't make them like that any more bud! She cooks, cleans and works. She is runnin just as good as when I got her"

No longer will men cheat.

"Fuck you and your blonde. I only drive red! Thats why I have had my wife for 15 years now. Red heads WAY out perform all heads."

No longer will men sit on the sofa all weekend long

"Damn I can't wait for the weekend to come. I am so takin my wife cruisin up and down the coast. Hell, we may even go touring!"

No longer will men not pay enough attention to their women

"I am gonna wash and wax my wife this weekend. Maybe do her hair too. I love her when she is all shiny."

....Think about it....

Warlord Jayde
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Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
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