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 Cowboy fans

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PostSubject: Cowboy fans   Mon Jun 28, 2010 2:10 pm

You gotta be a Cowboys fan for this one....if not...stop reading. It won't make sense.

Let us start with the prayer

"Oh Tom Laundry who art in Heaven...hallowed by they name

Three superbowls won and Jimmy Johnson had some, on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our 6th superbowl victory and forgive our tresspass of signing Dieon Sanders.

Lead us not into a deal with Terrel Ownes, but deliver us from evil.


Now, lets move on to the next part of this little discussion. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME....WE SIGNED TERREL "EVERY FUCKING COWBOYS FAN HATES YOU FOR THE 50 YARD LINE STAR THING" OWENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Jerry Jones fired Tom Laundry...I was mad. It wasn't right.

When Jerry Jones fired Jimmy Johnson after winning two superbowls...I was really pissed.

When Jerry Jones hired Dave Campo and Barry Switzer...I wanted to hack him into little pieces with his cell phone

When Jerry Jones signed Dieon Sanders, who at the time was probably the most hated player in the NFL by Cowboy fans, I wanted to place Jerry Jones on the 50 yard line with his legs spread, take a running start from the 1 yard line and kick him right in his nuts!

When Jerry Jones let Emmit Smith leave the cowboys and not finish his final years in Dallas....I wanted to put him in the middle of east LA with a sign that says "I hate Niggers!".

When Jerry Jones had Troy Aikmen retire rather than play one more year, I wanted to tape 100 dollar bills all over him and set him on fire.

When Jerry Jones turned 62 I thanked god for making him another year closer to death!

Now, for the love of god, he is bringing in Terrel Ownes. How much more can we take. How much farther can we fall from grace. Good lord, this is like Winston Churchill asking for Hitler to be his Ambassador to Poland when the war ends!!!


We the fans who pay the damn money to put you in your hot tub that is shaped like texas stadium, should be treated with respect. We want the players we love to be treated well when they get old. We want you to have enough dignity to say NO to talented players we hate. For the love of Christ is there no shame in you at all. I mean are you so fucking old that you forgot what Terrel Owens did in Dallas Stadium! I wanted George Teague dipped in gold and worshipped for hitting that fucker. Nothing in Cowboys history even come close the to shame every Cowboy fan felt in the loss that day.

I have been a loyal fan for 23 years now. I have been with the Cowboys at the highest of times and I have now been with the Cowboys at the very lowest of times. The 1-15 season that Tom Laundry had was nothing compared to the trials I have endured with Jerry Jones leading my team.

I think I will start a new prayer

Dear Devil...please take Jerry Jones...There is very little more he can do to shame this team. It is time. Please kill him.

Warlord Jayde
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Cowboy fans
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