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 People to kill

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PostSubject: People to kill   Mon Jun 28, 2010 2:08 pm

Every Tuesday morning several hispanic men come into my back yard, mow my lawn, cut back my bushes and pick-up dead leaves. This is the best day of the week for my Rottweiler. She stands at the glass sliding door and fericiously barks. Occasionally hitting the door with her front paws in a leaping action to really scare the shit out of them. Then she runs into my room wagging her stump as if to say to me, "Did you see how high I made him jump...did ya, did ya!?!?!" and then she runs back out to bark some more. For my Pomerainian this is more of a traumatic experience. He will run in circles like he is losing his fluffly little mind. He will hide under the bed, bark from behind the Rottweiler, run from room to room as if someone is chasing him and frequently he will run and jump into my lap as if to say, "HOLY FUCKING SHIT, THERE ARE BEANERS IN OUR BACK YARD STEALING OUR GRASS!" (thank you Jess).

It occurred to me that if Rommel, my tiny dog, had his way he would want my gardeners dead. I began to think that I bet many of us have different perspectives on people we want dead. Since I have not received a new survery from Mhari this week, I have decided to send out my own listy-thingy-doogie. Here is my "short list" of people I would like dead for the greater good of society. Add your favorites and repost!

If you are in a gang or look like you are in a gang...dead

If you are a scientologist....dead

If you are to stupid to listen to police when they say "get on the ground"...dead

If you play your crappy music so loud that other drivers can't hear their radio's...dead

Creepy children who see dead people, monsters outside their window or disappear into tv sets...dead

Everyone who watches the 700 club....dead

Anyone who has ever purchased something from QVC...dead

Any athlete who makes over a million dollars a year (we can add in inflation to raise this...but thats it)...dead

Any comedian, movie star, politician or famous person who promotes stupidity or makes money from it (yes I mean you freaking blue collar comedy tour)....dead

That loud guy on the infomercials...dead

The guy who created infomercials....dead

...and the damn guy who came up with the term infomercial...dead

NASCAR ... dead


Sprint operators...dead

People who don't speak english working at a drive thru...dead

The team and lovely caring staff at Child Support Office in Yuba City...dead

Brittney Spears for being super hot but to stupid to live....dead

People who pretend they know what I am talking about just so they can shut me up and talk themselves...dead

All people connected with the movie Alexander.....dead

M. Night Shamalamadingdong or however you spell it for making movies that look like they are gonna be really scary and then ARE NOT! dead

Kickers who miss field goals - YOU ONLY HAVE ONE FUCKING JOB, KICK THE BALL!...dead

Rude ass people who walk slowly in front of your car, cut you off in lines, take up the entire isle in a grocery store, talk on cell phones in the movies, cut you off in traffic to gain those few extra seconds by being in front of you....dead and then buried late waiting their proper turn

Cops who forget its their job to "Serve the Public"! ...beaten to death

George Bush and Dick Cheney ... dead

All the hard core, right wing, stuffy people who have never made a joke about a Bush and Dick being in office...dead

Justin Timberlake ... raped to death by a large black prison inmate

Militant lesbians who think they can do anything a man can do...dead

Your turn!

Warlord Jayde
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People to kill
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