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 Hippos pt. 2

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PostSubject: Hippos pt. 2   Mon Jun 28, 2010 2:03 pm

However, I feel at this point I should add more information about the Majestic Hippo:

The hippopotamus (hippo) belongs to the family Hippopotamidae, which includes two species, the hippopotamus (H. amphibius) and the pygmy hippopotamus (Choeropsis liberiensis).

Hippos can weigh 5,000 to 8,000 pounds and be 12 to 15 feet in length, the only land animals larger than the Hippopotamus is the Elephant and Rhinoceros. - Thats a lot of freaking hippo baby!

They are very aggressive, do not fear humans and are one of Africa's more dangerous inhabitants. The main danger to baby hippos is from getting in the way of fights between male Hippopotamus - Hell yes, stay out of man business!

The hippopotamus can outrun a human. The bellowing of a bull hippo measures an ear-splitting 115 decibels, sounding like the roar of a lion.

The 1st Pharoh was actually killed by a hippo. - Oh yeah...stealth and power!

A Hippo has strong jaws and on occasion it has been seen to bite a large crocodile in half. - Crocodile hunt that!

Nearly all of the famous African explorers and hunters - Livingstone, Stanley, Burton, Selous, Speke, DuChaillu - had boating mishaps with hippos. All considered the hippo to be a wantonly malicious beast. Spencer Tyron, a hunter, was killed while hunting near the shores of Lake Rukwa, Tanzania. A bull hippo turned over the dugout canoe from which Tyron was shooting, and bit off his head and shoulders. - They are just misunderstood!

Being fearlessly protective of their turf and young, hippos kill more than 400 people in Africa yearly - more than any other wild animal.

Of course I am a beliver in the Urban Hippopotamus (HomoSapiaopotamus Laziness). Which is also a fascinating creature:

Habitat - During the day usually found wallowing on sofas or lazy-boys. At night usually found "running for the border".

Lifespan - The adult male Urban Hippo can live up to 70 years in the wild urban areas. However, frequently much less when in the captivity of a female.

Diet - Wild - Can often be found grazing "McSomthing". Large amounts of Beer are often found in dead urban hippos indicating that this is a large part of their diet.

Diet - Captivity - Usually found chocking down green stuff and diet thingys. Dead Urban Hippo's usually have a large amounts of bird and feces found in their stomachs, idicating that urban hippo's eat a tremendous amount of Crow and Shit.

Urban male hippos seem to have the ability to problem solve, but rarely seem use it. This unique evolutionary feature is a mystery to scientist who continually are amazed at how a male hippo will at times be so stubborn that they will actually make tasks more difficult. Even at times resulting in injury. The female hippo seems to lack this unique characteristic.

In appearance the wild male hippos tends to have many scars which seem to reselt from bonding with other males. When groups of males get together injury is almost a certainty. In captivity they seem to only have scars on their soul. In appearance Female urban hippos have very nice eyes.

In the wild the male hippo will frequently bellow out mating sounds that sound much like visa platinum card running through a register. In captivity they are also very vocal but seem to do much of it under their breath.

Warlord Jayde
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Hippos pt. 2
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