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 Friday Night Lights

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PostSubject: Friday Night Lights   Mon Jun 28, 2010 1:50 pm

Friday Night Lights, starring Billy Bob Thorton. Based on H.G. Bissinger's book, which profiled the economically depressed town of Odessa, Texas and their heroic high school football team, The Permian High Panthers .

Lets take a look at the moral behind this story. Not matter how hard you try. No matter what you are willing to do to accomplish your goal. No matter how many people support you. No matter how much you want it. You will fail.

What else do we learn...If you are black, you are obviously racist and don't think that whitey will ever give you a fair shake. Not that it really matters because your black ass is gonna cheat anyway.

Anymore lessons....OH YES. If you live in Texas, your inbred ass had better learn to play football, because that is all you will ever have! Unless of course you are looking forward to working on a cattle ranch, in an oil field, or on a cotton ranch!

OH, but there is more! Apparently if you beat your child in Texas this is an appropriate form of parenting skills. When the piece of white trash slaps his child around in the beginning of this movie, no one moved. It was as if everyone expected it. WAIT, I have seen the light. What have I been thinking. Perhaps if we kick the shit out of out kids, they will try harder. Lets beat them into greatness. Parents of the world unite and take a lesson from Texas! Beat your child, if he comes close to winning a state championship...He will forgive you.

They missed it by 1 yard! Holy crap! What kind of freaking lesson do we learn from this. Work, work, work, try, try, try, miss it by one yard. I don't know if anyone was watching, but at the end of the movie it shows what all the football players are doing now. You may notice that none of them were Dr. Somebody or Millionaire Joe.

I guess I only have one thing to say about this movie. Gob bless Texas and thank god I don't live there!

FINAL REVIEW: If you live in Texas, go get this DVD, crack it in half and slit your wrists with it. You have nothing to live for anyway. Everyone else, I recommend you watch this movie so you can see how good your life really is.

Warlord Jayde
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Friday Night Lights
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