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PostSubject: Evolution   Mon Jun 28, 2010 1:49 pm

I recently read an article in Discovery Magazine in which some scientist with titles I can't spell came up with how the human race will continue to evolve. With all the electronic advancements we have today, I think I know some things that are gonna happen:

Men will grow laser pointers on their penis as to not miss the toilet.

We will grow prehensiled ears to hold cell phones. Men will also grow small flaps to shut off ears so they can block out things they don't want to hear.

26 fingers will make typing much faster! Not to mention each finger will be the size of a pencil eraser so you can hit the freggin keys on your cell phone.

Air bags will be deployed from our foreheads. This will be for women in that unstable age of 2 to 5 and for men at the unstable age of 16 to 30.

Asses will begin to be shaped like office chairs. This will cut down a ton of time for those of us currently "forming" our asses to the chairs in front of our computers.

All languages will become one called "Geek Talk" in which Star Trek and Star Wars references will actually mean something to all people. Phrases like LOL and ROTL will become everyday speech (don't laugh some of you reading this already do it).

Women we begin to have warning lights on their foreheads. A large PMS light that blinks will save thousands of lives!

Of course then men will have a ctrl + alt + delete system so women can get them to shut up when they feel they are right and they are obviously wrong. (for those of you women who don't know we already have a simpler system in place balls + penis will reset our brains immediatly).

Just my thoughts on the world....

REVIEW: Evolution...its gonna happen!

Warlord Jayde
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