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PostSubject: A.I.   Mon Jun 28, 2010 1:46 pm

Any time you see the name Spielberg on a film you know at the very least you are going to see some amazing special effects and a film that is very aesthetically pleasing. With AI, that is exactly what you get. Spielberg once again does a fantastic job selling you another dream world pulled from his imagination. The film is very pretty to watch. I recommend that is what you pay attention to. If for even a moment you allow yourself to get into the story line of this movie the money you originally paid to get into a theatre or to watch it on a home rental will be nothing in comparison to the psychiatrist bills as you try to mend the massive scarring caused by abandonment issues that this movie will unleash in you.

Let me sum up....

Man creates a robot that looks just like a child with Artificial Intelligence. Part of his programming is to love his mommy and daddy FOREVER.

Mommy and daddy have to get rid of the child for various reasons. Mommy can't take the kid back to the robot plant because they will turn him off, so she lets him go free in the woods.

The above takes about 20 minutes of movie time to explain. The rest of the movie is dedicated to the poor child who you can't help but loves to pieces due to his innocence, being put through one brutal trial after the next. Picture Passion of the Christ but on a children's level. With a dramatic ending where the child is trapped away from civilization and must sit alone for a billion years as his super duper nuclear powered battery pack lasts almost forever

Of course the entire time the child spends wanting his mommy back and does not understand why she left him.

The end of the movie a billion years into the future aliens find him and tell him that he can have anything he wants and the robot boy choices to see his mommy again. Just in case anyone has not been crying for the majority of this movie, the aliens tell him, we can do that but it will only last for like a minute. So, he sees his mommy for one more minute.

OH THANK YOU Mr. Spielberg for choosing this movie to direct. Not only will the story line crush your soul and make hug your child until he or she is about 30, but you have done a fantastic job of really bringing the whole thing to life so that we the viewers can feel guilty for this poor child for the rest of our natural lives (thank god that is only around a decade and not the billions and billions of years this kid had to suffer).

FINAL REVIEW: You will only watch it once. Focus on the pretty stuff.

Warlord Jayde
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