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 Driving while on a cell phone

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PostSubject: Driving while on a cell phone   Mon Jun 28, 2010 1:45 pm

I am going to start this post addressed to all California drivers. First, The water falling from the sky is RAIN. Rain is nothing to be afraid of. There is no need to slam on your breaks while on the freeway when it begin to rain. If you wish to slow problem. Apply pressure gradually to the large pedel in the middle of your floor board to slow down. Put your indicator light on to merge to right and get in the fucking slow lane, because those of us who who are not afraid of rain and/or know how to drive in incliment weather want to get to our destination before the next turn of the century. Second, when it begins to rain and your are over 70 years of age, or only drive to church on weekends, or are afraid of being in a car, or are under the age of 18, you DO NOT NEED TO LEAVE YOUR HOUSE AND GET INTO YOUR CAR. STAY HOME!

Today on my way home from work I watched in horror as the woman in front of me let the cell phone squished between her head and her shoulder fall (thats not the scary part) and she leaned over below her front windshield to get it. At the same time she used the steering wheel for balance and as she bent over she changed three lanes. The semi in lane 1, the AMBULANCE in lane 2, the corolla in lane 3 and myself in lane 4 all honked our horns to alert her to the danger. At this point she sat back up and flipped us all off for honking.

I truely believe that "To stupid to live" should be in our legal system and a legitimate punishment.

I like to talk on my cell phone just like the other 50 trillion Americans. I don't care if you talk on your cell phone while driving, but buy a damn hands free connector.

The one caviat I have to this is that there are certain people in this world that I am amazed have enough brain power to allow them to walk and breath at the same time. If you have ever turned down your stereo while looking for a street sign or number on a house, if you have ever nodded yes or no at a drive thru rather than speak into the speaker, if you have ever ended up in a hospital after just losing a bet or if you have ever dried your hands on a dog because you didn't have a clean towel....these people should just stay away from cell phone altogether. You have enough to worry about.

FINAL REVIEW: I hope that bitch that flipped me off has a shitty day. Stay off your phones kids!

Warlord Jayde
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Driving while on a cell phone
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