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 Chapter 11 (continued)

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PostSubject: Chapter 11 (continued)   Mon Jun 28, 2010 2:41 pm

"Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel and Sariel. I may not know everything that is going on here, but I know my bible." Louis again said.

"And Satan, meat puppet. You forgot Satan. That makes seven." Rook said brashly.

"Well….yes, I suppose you could count Satan, but there is no way Satan could have done it." Louis speculated.

"We finally agree on something." Rook exclaimed, throwing an arm around the Louis' shoulders.

"You can't really count Satan as an Arch Angel." Louis said, a small shudder traveling through his frame from such close contact, yet unwilling to back down on the one subject he felt knowledgeable in.

"Why the hell would you not count Satan as an Arch Angel simian?" Rook quickly responded, stepping away to look down on the smaller man. He was clearly frustrated.

"Well….I mean after all…he used to be…but not any more." Louis said with much less conviction realizing he was agitating Rook.

An uneasy silence fell upon the group as all eyes turned to Louis. Alexander finally broke the silence, "Why would you think that?"

Louis, clearly nervous about all the attention that was being focused on him, choked forward his answer, "Everyone knows that."

"Everyone knows what?" Rook quickly asked.

"Everyone knows that Satan was cast out of heaven." Louis said with a tone of confusion.

"He's retarded." Rook said flatly, turning away and throwing his hands up in the air. He took a few short steps muttering to himself, then turned back to Louis pointing his finger in his face, "Let me tell you something, science experiment, Satan is the best of us all. He above all feels the grace of our Master."

"We have all heard him speak brother. We have all worried about it. Perhaps they know something we don't". Morgan said to Rook.

"Bullshit" Rook fired back, "Your just pissed off because Satan spoke his mind and your don't agree with it. But treason, come on. No way. I do not believe that. The day Satan stops following his command it will be a cold day in the vault."

"Many times brother they have known things we have not. It has always been his way." Alexander said to Rook, his words trailing off as he watched Carpenter walked over to the wrecked car.

Pulling a bible out of the car, Carpenter walked over to Alexander flipping through pages with obvious intent of finding a specific spot. Carpenter, finding his place flipped the book around and handed the book to Alexander, "I think maybe you should read this."

Alexander began to read to himself at first, but then started over and began to read aloud to all, "And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent" Alexander looked up into the faces of his companions and took a deep breath. "The ancient serpent called Satan."

"Oh fuck off!" Rook exclaimed. "This is ridiculous. That damn thing was written by monkeys! They have no idea what they are talking about. Please tell me Alexander that you of all people are not buying into this. I know you and Satan didn't agree….but this is just madness."

Jacob took the book and began to read it saying at the same time, "I hate to say it brother, but I have heard Satan talk and this sure sounds like it could be possible." He continued to read

"I can't believe that none of you are going to speak up for him. He is by far our finest. Is there any of you not awed by him skill, his courage, his beauty. Can any of you say he is not the master favorite?"

"Even Satan has not heard from HIM in some time and I know Satan is extremely jealous of all the master has given this place. I have heard his speeches Rook. Even you can't be so blind as to not see that this is possible." Jacob implored to Rook.

"I have a major problem believing that something a damn simian created is correct and God's most favored Angel is a traitor."

Louis stood motionless listening in disbelief. He tried to enter the conversation several times but found himself unable to connect the words into anything coherent. It was mind numbing to hear these angels talk about Satan as if the bible were incorrect. He had been taught his entire life that the bible in infallible, that it was the direct word of god. How could these Angels think Satan was anything but a traitor? Carpenter and Jessica also sat listening intently to the conversation, quieted by the stunning revelations of what he Angels were saying.

"There is more" Jacob interrupted, "The ancient serpent called Satan or the Devil, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him." Jacob said still reading.

"Barbatos was definitely here." Alexander said

"..and we saw another one" Carpenter added, thinking back to the camp.

"Listen to this" Jacob said and began to read aloud, "The whole world was astonished and followed Satan. Men worshiped the beast because HE had given authority to the beast".

"Aw crap. That would explain why we couldn't calm this crowd if it had Satan's backing. The feel god's power through him. Shit." Jayde piped in.

"That is enough. Stop it. Listen to yourselves. You are calling Satan a traitor just based on the writings of some simian. This book was created by man, not god! It is ludicrous and I for one refuse to believe the ramblings of this book" Rook said with disdain in his voice.

"It's the bible!" Louis interjected unable to allow and further bashing of the only thing his entire life that had been stable and unyielding. "It is written by God! It says in the second book of Peter, chapter 1 verse 21 'holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.' This book is a gift from him. It was given to us from GOD!" Louis barked at the group.

"I don't want to hear that crap.' Rook retorted, his face ugly in his rage.

"All scripture is given by the inspiration of God. The second book of Timothy, chapter 3, verse 21. Much in every way! First of all, they have been entrusted with the very words of God. Romans, 3:2.!" Louis said, building up steam

"Settle down, lieutenant" Carpenter said calmly, putting his hand on Louis' shoulder.

"No, this is blasphemy. This dog" Louis said, pointing at Rook, "does not believe in the bible."

Rook turned to Louis and glared at him hard. Empowered by an entire life of teachings that said the bible was infallible, Louis stood his ground. "You will feel his wraith my friend. He will repay you for your lack of faith." Louis said in a moment of strength and anger looking directly at Rook while being gently held back by Carpenter.

"Wow…they have them down here as well," Jayde said.

"Have what down here? Zealots?" Jessica said allowing her past to come to bear on the subject and taking a jab at Louis.

"Well I was going to say men….but I suppose zealots works to." She said with a smile.

Warlord Jayde
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Chapter 11 (continued)
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