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PostSubject: Spelling   Spelling EmptyMon Jun 28, 2010 2:26 pm

As I reveww my previoos blogs, it has cum to my attention, as well as been brout to my attention that I have had several spelling erors. It is with this in mind that I give my next review on spelling. First to those of u who told me about my spelling erors, no shit. I suk as spelling. For those of u who told me that I suck at spelling, well, that is like a teenage boy, "Hey, I bet your thinking about sex". NO SHIT.

Sinse the age ov 5 when givin my first spelling test, I have suked at spelling. When I received that first faleing grade, I decided that dum ass jok was the life for me. Now that I am old and cinikal and I can no longer be a dum ass jok, I have decided that I shall rite reviews whith my shitty spelling.

First I would like to say to my Amerikan friends that, I'm English u basturds and we created the damn language I can speak and spell it anyway I want to.

Second, Hooked on Fonix has suked for me and can suk for u to.

Thurd, I know someone is gonna say what about spell checkir. Well, let me tell you, ever since I was in collige doing a report on Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky I hav hated my spell checker.

"LEWINKSY"-- LEARN, so I don't have to freaking tell it a thousand times its ok.
I tried "IGNORE ALL" and but then it jumps over the LEWINKSY's I spelled wrong.

"GINSBURG"-- LEARN, ditto from above.
Damn it, yes, I want to continue! By now, my personal dictionary looks like a who's who of Poland. I'm five seconds away from prying off my ALT key, just to piss off MS-Word.

Well, at least that is a cool comparison. Come on, damn you, it's Clinton! Clinton! How many times must I tell you!

I was five seconds away from prying off my Windows key, just to see if I could somehow piss of Microsoft.

Yep, my spell checker choked like a fat women eating a whole cheess ball at christmas.

Although these words were all in the spell checker: Blowjob oral copulation sperm anal sex butt fucking cigar vagina pussy dick cock twat tits nipples hard on erection swallow fingered shaft cum. Bill Gates is sick.

In any evant, yeah, yeah, yeah. I suk at spelling.

Warlord Jayde
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