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 i think I made it mad

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i think I made it mad Empty
PostSubject: i think I made it mad   i think I made it mad EmptyMon Jun 28, 2010 2:25 pm

Recently I lost my cell phone.

My company got me a new one. I asked for something simple as I was not using all the feature that came with the last phone they got me. Insted of something simple I got what was described by the technician as "a super high tech, super cool phone."

....and I think I have made it mad.

When I first got my phone I called a tech to set up my ironically named, "Easy E-mail". Apparently my phone took this a serious insult. To pay me back I am relatively confident my phone has been sending text messages to India. (The country not someone I know named India). I am not sure but the person who responded to the text sent to 011-91-80- has declared a Jihad on me.

As I have been plodding through the instruction manual, which is about as easy to read as tax instructions and as thick as the yellow pages, I think my phone is pissed that I am trying to learn about it. As if by magic the damn things makes noises while I am reading the manual...which distracts me....and I try to find out what that particular noise means. I then forget where I was and have to start over.

The night before last I turned off my phone and in what I think was act of revenge, the next day Rook asked me why I called him at like midnight and didn't say anything. O.O I think my phone did that just to get back at me for turing it off. It called my crank called my best friend. What is scary is that I think it has learned more about me than I have about it. It knows who my friends are!

I tried to figure out how to lock it to stop it from making random calls by reading a specific portion of my manual.....and I am not sure....but I think my phone is plotting to kill me. Yesterday I noticed a call was made to the 310 area code. I DIDN'T MAKE THAT CALL. I looked up the area code and found out it is to Compton. Coincidence....I THINK NOT!

In case something happens to me...

My phone is 4 inches tall, weighing a couple of ounces. It has a silver body with 10 blue keys and a tatoo that says "bad mother fucker" on the back.

Warlord Jayde
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i think I made it mad
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